In just ten months, CAM International has said farewell to four of its retired missionaries, who put in many years of faithful service in DR Congo and beyond. Dorothy Brinkman passed away on 23 April 2019, aged 98; David Womersley on 27 December 2019, aged 88; Beatrice Hockley on 23 January 2020, aged 99; and Elsie Butler on 11 February 2020, aged 97. They worked with their spouses in Congo before and after Independence (1960), and their combined years of service in Central Africa total over 100 years!

We have been amazed at the longevity of many of our CAM personnel, who, despite labouring long years in a sapping climate, assailed by malaria and other dangerous tropical diseases, have not died early, as one might expect. On the contrary, they have carried on into old age serving CAM in many ways back home in UK  – as  a Trustee, Advisor, magazine secretary, church missions secretary, missionary correspondent, financial supporter of the work, prayer warrior… the list goes on.

We pay tribute to these faithful CAM servants of God. May they inspire us to make every day count in our own lives, as we continue serving our Lord and Saviour!