Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva posted on their personal Facebook last week that they have been looking at the beautiful, empty buildings at their Baruk (Blessings) Centre in Chimoio, feeling sad and missing all the courses and classes that should be going on there: ‘ Look at all these buildings and equipment – everything closed, no school and our children at home. We can only pray and wait patiently until the government allows all our activities to start again.’

But they are not just sitting waiting, with nothing to do! They are concerned about a needy group in their local community and have started a project to help them. With coronavirus cases rising and more people out of work, many elderly and disabled people are on the streets begging, increasing their risk of catching the virus. The da Silvas have identified 18 elderly people, some blind or with other disabilities, and they will provide them with a ‘basic basket’ of food and essentials each month so that they can stay at home and not have to beg. Two are homeless and the plan is to build houses for them. In total, over 80 people will benefit – mainly family members of these vulnerable adults.

Wanderley & Rosaria have been working with the local authorities to identify the neediest people to help. Friends and supporters are helping fund this wonderful project. Pray that those who receive these monthly baskets will also have a revelation of God’s goodness and love for them.