BIKE EVANGELISM is a ministry in DR Congo, based in Lubumbashi, reaching out to the Balamba people in remote villages, often very poor and overlooked. The work was started in 2003, with 10 bikes and 10 evangelists. Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins, long-term missionaries in Congo with CAM, have supported this ministry from the start. Their project provides bikes and spare parts for the evangelists. Carol and Ginny also visit the new Balamba churches when possible. At present they are still in UK, but Bike Evangelism is moving on. One of the evangelists, Mutombo, sent a report and photos of his work in a village over the Pentecost weekend in June. He and his colleagues visited people in the village and held special meetings, where people responded to the Gospel and were filled with the Holy Spirit. Choirs sang and danced to celebrate the special day. Mutombo had the joy of conducting some baptisms in the local river. Carol and Ginny are returning to Congo on 12 August and look forward to visiting some of the new churches that have been started, thanks to Bike Evangelism.