Just like here in UK, D R Congo has had lockdown for the last two months in its main cities, with schools and churches closed and a ban on all large gatherings.

Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins have had to stop their prison visits in Lubumbashi and beyond. However, their prison ministry has not stopped. Their Risograph digital printer has been hard at work producing thousands of copies of a discipleship course for new converts, The Victorious Christian Life.  The mission buys reams and reams of paper for this – see Ginny in photo! Copies of the course in Swahili are taken to the prisons so that Christian prisoners can do basic Bible studies and learn more about their faith. It is such a blessing for them to have this resource.

One of Carol and Ginny’s colleagues in the prison ministry recently called at their house for practical aid for prisoners. They gave him some copies of the discipleship course, Bibles, and also hooded sweatshirts for the cold season, June – August. (They had managed to buy a large bale of these garments to help those prisoners who have little if any warm clothing.)

And then there is the help with food! Carol and Ginny may not be able to visit prisons, but they can still pass on funds that have been kindly donated for the prison work. A co-worker buys sacks of maize flour and arranges transport to the prison. Prisoners cook the staple food (very thick porridge) in a huge pan, which is scooped out in individual portions into a bucket. Oily greens are popular (and cheap) and go well with the mush. And so the prisoners are served, satisfied and very grateful for a square meal at last.

Praise God for the way He is enabling the prison ministry to continue during lockdown!