Early on Thursday morning, 10 January, the long-awaited election results were announced. To everyone’s surprise, opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi was declared the winner, beating the other main opposition candidate Martin Fayulu, who was extremely popular and widely expected to win. Many suspect the outgoing President Joseph Kabila of making some kind of deal with Tshisekedi. Fayulu has now confirmed that he has filed a court challenge to the results, calling for a manual recount.  The constitutional court has seven days to consider the challenge.  This could lead to chaos in the country. If the results were invalidated, Kabila could remain in power for the time being. Since the results were announced, some protests have broken out and a few people have reportedly been killed, but generally the nation of 80 million has remained calm. Pray for a peaceful transfer of power – something that has never happened in DR Congo since its Independence in 1960!