Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins, who are based in Lubumbashi, DR Congo, have a vet friend who is also a member of the Gideons. He often helps supply them with large quantities of Gideon New Testament Bibles for their prison ministry. It was a day of rejoicing when the prisoners squeezed into the small meeting room at the Boma prison in Likasi all received their own New Testament.

Another time, their Gideon friend joined them on a visit to the local prison in Lubumbashi, where 900 New Testaments were distributed! Their friend gave a brief talk on the importance and blessings of Bible reading. As soon as the prisoners received their precious Bibles, they just wanted to read them. This week, the Gideons presented all the 5th and 6th year pupils in the Lighthouse Primary School with New Testaments. We praise God for the work of the Gideons and for all the blessings brought through the sharing of God’s living Word.