Lloyd Rowlands reports on his recently trip to Kalemie, a bustling city on the shores of the beautiful Lake Tanganyika; the provincial capital of Tanganyika Province, DR Congo.

Fishers cast their nets along the shore, or from boats out on the lake. One could easily imagine Jesus wandering along the beach with the disciples, or teaching the crowds while standing in the prow of a boat. However, due to the hot, humid weather at this time of year, the conference teaching sessions could not be held on the beach, but in an old disused railway station.

The General Superintendent of the Pentecostal Church of Congo had seen the need for spiritual input for pastors and others in church leadership and invited Lloyd to join the ministry team as one of the speakers, where prayer and Bible teaching were to be the main emphases. Lloyd spoke on ‘The Lord’s Table’ and ‘The Church and Community Development’.

There were marathon sessions each morning, from 8.30am through to about 2.30pm, with various speakers having an hour each.  It was amazing to see how the Congolese pastors not only survived these long, hot sessions, but thrived.  Then, starting in the late afternoon each day, meetings could be held in the open, finishing well after sunset.  About 3,000 local believers were there each time to listen to the speakers and to be part of spontaneous style of praise and worship.

During the Conference, it was announced that the provincial government had donated land to the Church at Kalemie for development and agricultural projects, such as an orchard or for market-gardening. While the rest of the land in the area is nothing but sand, sand and more sand, the donated land holds some of the richest soil Lloyd has ever seen! Praise God! He has somehow kept it reserved to bless His Church at this time.

Good soil and good teaching.  The Church in Congo needs personnel, finances and resources but most of all it needs to know God’s power; to see Jesus in His glory and to experience the move of the Holy Spirit. Pray with us!