In Lubumbashi, DR Congo, Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins are involved in a flourishing TV/Radio ministry. Most weeks, along with their faithful team, they record half-hour programmes of singing (Ginny’s talent), preaching (Carol’s strength) and prayers, which are broadcast under the name, ‘Victory in Jesus’ on both TV and Radio. Last Thursday (13 Dec), the team worked extra hard to complete two weeks of recordings – a special Christmas one and a New Year one.

You can see from the photos how Ginny’s artistic skills were used to the full in making a spectacular backdrop for the Christmas message. Apparently there was even a change of decor after the first recording.

Pray that the Christmas and New Year messages will make a great impact on all the viewers and listeners – especially the theme of ‘Peace on earth’, which is very relevant in DR Congo today. Presidential elections are scheduled to take place this Sunday, 23 December and millions of Congolese long for peace and harmony in their country which has been so ravaged by conflicts over the years.