CHILDREN’S CAMP – August at Nyangombe, in NW Zambia, is time for a HUGE event, with around 1,000 Sunday school children coming in, with their teachers, for a great Camp. They are accommodated in a long line of specially-prepared grass shelters. This year they will need about 30 of these, with around 40 children in each, to cover the 1,200 CHILDREN expected. Different venues are used for teaching the different age groups, lively games help sap the youngsters’ energy in the afternoons, and for joint evening meetings, they squeeze everyone into the multi-purpose hall. The photos are from a previous year’s Camp. Pray for Gordon & Sybil McKillop and Sam Livingston as they help with the 2018 Children’s Camp next week, from Monday 13 August. Pray for the children to be touched and blessed as they learn about Jesus and His love for them.