SAM LIVINGSTON returned to Nyangombe, in NW Zambia, 3 weeks ago, joining GORDON & SYBIL McKILLOP. The very day he arrived back, a Youth Camp was starting, with over 100 secondary school pupils attending. At the moment, massive preparations are underway at the Nyangombe conference site as the time draws near for the big August Children’s Camp, with around 1,000 children expected! It takes several weeks for the workers to make enough thatched grass shelters for all the groups of Sunday school children to sleep in. Water and power are laid on, too. On the spiritual side, there is training for the Sunday school teachers who will be involved in helping their own groups both during and after the Camp. We pray that this year’s Camp will be one of tremendous blessing for all who participate: leaders and helpers – cooking for large numbers, organising games or sharing God’s Word, and the children – enjoying the fun and, we trust, receiving Jesus into their lives.