CAM’s newest trustee, Fletcher Kusaloka, is a Zambian British citizen who lives in Preston with his wife Loveness and family. He organised a 3-week visit to Zambia back in August, taking his wife and younger children, Ivy and Ingram. We recently heard more about this trip and received some photos. Fletcher and Loveness had many relatives to visit in various parts of Zambia, but they managed to fit in a lightning visit to Nyangombe – 2 full days – so that Fletcher could meet CAM missionaries Gordon & Sybil McKillop and Sam Livingston at their place of work.

A huge Church Convention had just finished, while preparations were underway for an even larger Children’s Camp. However, the family enjoyed looking all round the Christian Training Centre. They saw the giant storage crib for drying the local people’s maize, and the shelling machine at work, removing the kernels from the corn cobs. They also went round the carpentry and metal workshops and met senior workers Charles and Henry. Fletcher commented that Nyangombe is ‘a marvellous place’ and he will never forget the wonderful hospitality and Sybil’s tasty meals!