Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins have supported the work of Bike Evangelism in DR Congo since 2003. Local evangelists use bikes to visit remote villages in the Lubumbashi area and preach the Gospel to the Balamba people, who have been neglected in the past. Carol and Ginny visit the new churches to give encouragement and Bible teaching.

On 15 September they visited the village of Kalukuni and were shocked to find that the new church had closed. The pastor had abandoned the work and the temporary shelter had become a sorry mess of broken poles and shredded tarpaulins. They were able to help find new tarpaulins and a new pastor.

On Sunday 20 October, Carol and Ginny visited Kalukuni again and it was a different story now! Volunteers from another church had spent 3 days renewing the poles and putting the tarpaulins up. They had even provided a special choir of 14 to encourage the little group. (Ginny offered to hold the baby for one of the singers while she sang!) Carol’s Gospel message, with its striking visual aid, led to 4 people accepting Christ. It was a very inspiring day.

Travelling on the uneven dirt roads, dusty or muddy, often carrying heavy loads, takes its toll on the bikes. The evangelists often resort to makeshift repairs until they can get spares from Carol and Ginny’s stock in Lubumbashi. (Note the string tied round the front tyre in the photo!)

Thank God for these faithful evangelists and for the many people who have been brought into God’s Kingdom through Bike Evangelism.