The McKillops and Sam Livingston are returning to Nyangombe

It has been a long and frustrating lockdown for Gordon & Sybil McKillop, who have been on leave in Scotland since February and had expected to return to Zambia in April. But Covid-19 changed everything! In touch with colleagues at Nyangombe, they have been ordering medicines and supplies and arranging transport of goods to Zambia. They have also given guidance from afar on running vital projects in Zambia while observing social distancing. How they have longed to be back there in person to help with all these problems!

At last international flights have become available and the McKillops are booked to fly out from Manchester on 6 August, heading for Lusaka (Zambia’s capital), via Addis Ababa.

A happy announcement

Sam Livingston has also been on leave in UK since February and expected to be back in Zambia by the end of April. He too has been in touch with colleagues at Nyangombe, but also with family and friends in India (his homeland), and people ‘all around the world’. His lockdown experience has actually had a wonderful outcome. On 1 July he announced his engagement to Sarah Maltby, whom he met about 3 years ago in the Preston AOG church. (Sarah spent 3 weeks visiting the work – and Sam! – at Nyangombe last November.)

Sam’s UK visa expires on 5 August, so he has booked to return to Zambia on 4th. He will be coming back to UK in the near future, when the wedding can be arranged. We wish Sam and Sarah God’s richest blessing and pray that God will guide them as they plan their future life and service together.