‘New Hope’ pre-school has been closed since Friday 20 March – the weekend when much of the world went into lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This was a real sorrow to Wanderley & Rosaria da Silva, who had only returned from their break in USA on 11 February, very excited about doubling the number of pupils in the pre-school to 80 this year because of the huge demand in the local community. It was a big blow to the children, too. They love their classes, the fun and games, friends, learning activities, songs and Bible stories – and tasty snacks! And it also saddened the parents, who have seen the tremendous benefits of the teaching, which is not just educational but also moral and spiritual, changing their children into ‘new people’.

Initially, lockdown was for 30 days and there were hopes of reopening the pre-school on 1 May. But this was not possible. The da Silvas were concerned that the children would be forgetting all they had learnt and be out on the streets too much. So they set about implementing a lesson plan for the pre-schoolers to follow in their homes. They have been doing this very carefully, meeting with 10 parents at a time, three times a week, to give out papers with exercises for the children to do at home.

Now the plan is to reopen the school in the first week of July. They are working hard on how this can be done safely, as coronavirus is still at large, with about 16 confirmed cases in Chimoio.

Pray for the da Silvas, the children of New Hope, and the local community in Chimoio to know God’s protection at this time.