BACK TO CONGO AT LAST!  After an extended stay in UK, Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins have returned to Lubumbashi, the second city of DR Congo. They flew out from London Heathrow on 12 August, changed planes at Addis Ababa and landed in Lubumbashi on 13 August. As usual, Ginny, who encourages young people in music and worship, took back a guitar (packed in an adapted suitcase, with the protruding part protected by an inverted plant pot!) They arrived back just after the Lighthouse Youth Camp had finished – but the able team of leaders had planned well and it had been a great blessing. Prison ministry and TV broadcasts have continued during their absence, but those involved will be so glad to have Carol and Ginny back, lending their support (especially with transport and the garden studio for the media work.) They will have a great welcome back from their dogs, but there will be no doubt also be queues of work colleagues, neighbours and friends waiting to greet them. We pray that this next stage of their ministry in Congo will overflow with God’s blessings.