Dave Garrard left on 31 January for this year’s visit to Ethiopia. It wasn’t snowing when he left Preston, but it was very cold and dreary. However, when he reached Addis Ababa, there was blazing sunshine and 30 degrees C. He was thankful he’d remembered his ear plugs, as the hyenas were making a lot of noise outside his guesthouse at night!

Dave has had a very intensive programme. While in Addis, he booked local flights to a place in the north and another in the south where there are extension Bible Schools connected with the main Pentecostal Training Centre in Addis.

During his time in the north, Dave was teaching church leaders for 6 hours every day. In the southern Bible School, he taught the students in the evening. In the daytime, he travelled out each day to meet with church planters and teach in a seminar. Sunday ministry has involved special meetings – one with youth and another with over 1,500 people. He has now returned to the north to train more leaders.

Dave’s previous lodgings had no running water, which made life difficult. Also, he doesn’t do well with the local food and often gets an upset stomach. But he has managed to keep going despite all the setbacks. We thank God for giving Dave the strength for this very gruelling schedule, and for helping him equip church planters and leaders for their vital ministries in Ethiopia. Dave is due back in UK on 27 February.