Our Present

CAM International’s main aim is the establishing and strengthening of indigenous Pentecostal churches.

This is our part in the fulfilment of the Great Commission.  Our main thrust is to teach, to evangelise and to play our part in meeting people’s physical needs, just as Jesus did; bringing healing and support, both spiritual and physical, to a hurting world.


Our current main ministry is spread over 4 nations across Africa: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Mozambique and Ethiopia.  Although the number of missionary personnel has been reducing, the African church-based projects with which we are involved remain numerous and are increasing.  We also have partners we help, working in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and in the African Diaspora.

In Congo we are principally involved in Bible College work, church planting among neglected people groups, youth training, media outreach, prison work, as well as medical and other practical ministries.  It is not long since our workers completed two major Bible translation projects and we continue to have literature printed in local languages, for distribution.

In Zambia we have bases at Nyangombe in the North West Province and Ndola in the Copperbelt region.  Bible training and skills training of various kinds are at the centre of our Zambian church work.


In Mozambique we support a Brazilian missionary couple who are involved in reaching out to prisoners and who work in church and youth development.

Our involvement in Ethiopia is different in that we do not have any expat missionaries there, but we are involved in helping Ethiopian nationals reach out to their own people.  At present we support these national church planters on a monthly basis.  In each case, the church planter receives the support over a three-year period.  Then the church should be able to stand on its own, releasing the planter to move elsewhere.

In all these areas, regular contact is maintained with our colleagues, both missionary and national, and members of the Mission team in UK seek to make regular visits.

For more information on the work currently carried out by our Missionaries, please see Personnel.