On Sunday 19 January, Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins left their Lubumbashi base in DR Congo to travel to Likasi for another prison visit. The Boma prison is where they funded the building of a special shelter as a meeting-place. This time they took along a football which they had bought while in Zambia recently. The prisoners were delighted. ‘Small gestures,’ Carol wrote, ‘but so important for the men. Sometimes these are the actions that reach the heart!’’

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus is the primary aim of these prison visits. But God’s love prompts Carol and Ginny to see the material needs and try to help in practical ways, too –  with medicines, clothes, money to buy firewood for cooking or water (when the prison tap runs dry). And FOOD is always taken – flour for the staple food, oil and beans. After the service, the prisoners can enjoy a hearty meal, which they may not have had for some days.

Ginny plays her guitar and leads worship while Carol brings the Bible message, interpreted by Mama Mangasa, an ex-prisoner herself, who now helps with prison and hospital ministry. The highlight of the day is when the appeal is made and the Holy Spirit works in prisoners’ hearts to bring conviction, repentance and faith. Praise God, through the power of God’s Word and His amazing grace, the worst offender can be totally transformed and become a servant of Christ.